We challenge you to give us your budget & quantity required and delivery date and we guarantee we will come up with great gift ideas that will :

  1. Get you standing out from the crowd
  2. Show your recipient that you have gone the extra mile for them
  3. Personalize where possible
  4. Offer you gifts that will give you longevity and keep you fresh in your clients/staffs minds long after your gift giving
  5. Give you excellent customer care with the very best products
  6. For All orders processed you receive a beautiful Tipperary Double Christmas Decoration of a Christmas Cracker Valued at €20.00 https://www.lcgifts.ie/product/s2-decorations-gingerbread-man-house-cracker-box-new-2016/S/2 Decorations - Gingerbread Man & House - Cracker Box

Sounds good right? All we need you to do is email Tracy: customerservice@lcg.ie or call +35316012601 with:

  1. Your budget ie €10/20/50 etc
  2. Quantity required 50/100/500 etc
  3. Delivery date
    Extra details that will get us to home into your requirements faster:
  4. Branded with your logo or their names etc
  5. Any other info ie is it Travelling, Unisex, What gift is for, what you were thinking or what you did before
  6. Would you like us to handle your logistics?

We look forward to hearing from you & helping you so we can all be winners!


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