Do you want to put a buzz back in the workplace and boost staff morale?

According to recent research by Towers Watson companies with non cash rewards have a revenue that is 6.6% higher than those with cash only rewards. While satisfying at the time, monetary rewards are quickly used and forgotten about and so have no lasting motivational effect. A well though out gift or gift choice may have a place of pride on a shelf for generations. Read more in Adiona.

Let us help you achieve your HR staffing goals:

Incentive use leads to higher motivation and commitment, lower recruitment costs as staff turnover falls and to a more focused and productive workforce. Staff members that feel appreciated are the best kind of publicity.

Let us help you achieve your financial HR goals:

It makes financial sense for companies to give gifts over cash or vouchers. Small gifts up to the value of €500 per year are tax exempt. Gifts must take the form of tangible gifts to qualify for tax relief, i.e. a camera, watch etc. Tax relief is not available for cash, vouchers or bonus bonds which are taxable in full. What about all the 23% VAT you can claim on gifts that you can not on vouchers as well? In a recent job costing €30,000 the company saved over €5609 in VAT alone. Read about other savings you could make here.

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