Bespoke Hampers can be made to any budget for your staff and clients. We add many items and the aim of the game is to create longevity in these hampers that will keep your company in your stakeholders mind all year long, long after the food and drinks are consumed. Branding can also be added along with Christmas Cards, printed labels and much more. Best sellers are Newbridge Silverware decorations, Eco friendly branded mugs, Crystal Glasses, family branded games along with Gin, alcohol & delicious foods that the whole family can enjoy. Our beautiful crafted boxes finish the gift presentation off beautifully. You can add or take off any gift so the power is in your hands. Testimonials tell us all the time that company’s love dealing with our amazing distribution & logistics team. Human Resource departments tell us that staff are very excited receiving the gifts, they really feel the longevity from staff and the benefit that staff feel appreciated. These are much more cost effective than vouchers & are seen to be much more thoughtful. There is VAT @ 23% that can be reclaimed. again that can not be on vouchers. Our Best Seller is our Iora Rua @ €79.00 but Hampers start at €31.95. Reach out to our team so that we can help you.