Welcome to your Health & Safety & Wellness and Environmental services page.
One of our main support areas is Health & Safely and Environmental, all our solutions are varied and can be tailored to our client’s requirements and budgets. All our services are designed to take the work from you, we can carry out all or as much admin work as you choose. Whether your are buying once off desk drops or sending seasonal safety messages we have the solutions for you.

Our close knit enthusiastic team are easy to work with and have decades of experience and will help you every step of the way. We are very passionate about HR as staff spend so much of their time in work and if they feel gratitude and respected it will go a long way to help your company and the wider community. Our Ethos in LCG is to offer end to end solutions to enable our clients to achieve their desired results, on time, every time. With 20k products on our site www.lcgifts.ie we can always suit your budget. Our logistics & fulfillment is transparent & we only work with the very best contractors in the industry.

We usually deal with CRO for the following:

Health & Safety Messages: You tell us: Insurance & accidents in work cost companies thousands every year as well as the effects on the staff member. Its very important to have a very strong H&S message running through the company & to continue reinforcing it constantly. All our products can take your logo & Strap-lines , best sellers are items like: Clothing Polos & Jackets, Catering like mugs, safety pins and promotional items, like the desk drops we just completed with Drawstring bag with logo & Strap line for Health, inside had healthy treats and ice scraper, all for under €8.00 (Based on 500 staff). Every year we provide solutions for safe driving and health & Safety weeks, we can provide Cross Pens engraved or awards with your details. Talk to us, we have your back, let us know what you hope to achieve and your budget and we can draft up some offerings up for you.
In all cases there is a very real human face to this business, Gifting and giving gratitude is important, A recent safe driving award feedback told me these awards become family heirlooms of the amazing feet of driving safely on crazy Dublin roads for 20 years+ . Another customer a large drinks giant told us of a man that past away before his 35 yr service award, the man’s family all turned up to accept the award for their fathers life’s work. Giving thanks pays off in huge dividend and is so very important.

Environmental depts are huge on anti plastics at the moment, with DCU leading the way with an anti plastics campaign. A large tech tells me that he can respect the CRO on Environmental in his company & save money, at the moment he is spending over €1800 per month on waste for the paper mugs alone and that is not including the cost of the paper mugs. He said it was a no brainer to use the Health & Safety mugs we have that are dishwasher safe, but also double walled ceramic so the staff still enjoys their drink whilst staying safe. These come in various sizes, recent ones we made for Pfizer had to fit under all their vending machines and under anti splash device. A recent favorite of mine was that the staffs name be also added to the mug, the management felt that this way they were letting staff get involved with their initiative and felt included in their environmental drive.

Wellness and Mental and physical health: usually uses digital skipping ropes, juggling balls, ear buds, pedometers and much more “all caring your strap lines” acts of gratitude boost staff moral, favorites are chocolates at Easter & Valentines day with your logo & your strap line.
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Human Resources: We also work hard with HR departments for Service Awards, Reward & recognition, Staff Hampers & Seasonal Desk Drops. Some recent examples of this would be: WE recently administrated, fulfilled & deliverd on behalf of a Multunational: their great place to work schreme, we fulfiled 3000 orders to their staffs home addresses or another financial companyy thaat are kee to have an inisiitive thatt the can use to recruit and retain existing staff. Service awards in this case is the solution, the results for the customers are the same, their staff logs into our password protected portal (For pre-selected gifts) & we administer and fulfill all gifts to their staff. Our newest product Getgifts.ie has already been used by many companies. Custtomes are keen to use it as a carrot & stick style reward, Dublin Bus talks to me about how is he to motivate his staff to work on a sunny Bank Holiday? We have your back, come talk to us….

Behind every sale or contact is our shared vision “Client retention” Our clients have us where we are today and they are also our opportunity for us to grow into UK & EMEA. Please do not hesitate to call Tracy to set up an online or face to face meeting or for any queries you may have @ +35316012601 or customerservice@lcg.ie we look forward to hearing from you.