Recognition of their families and personal lives can mean a lot to an employee. They appreciate being seen as a whole person and as more than just a worker. As a result they are more likely to give to a company and stay with them in the long run.

Christmas Gifts for Employees:

Christmas t’is the season to be jolly, so why not spread the Christmas cheer throughout your workplace this year. We can add the personal touch with engraving or specific wrapping and labelling.

Santa and Gift Giving:

We provide a number of Christmas services for our customers ranging from organising corporate gifts for clients, employee & staff gifts and children’s toys. Some companies that we have worked with like to have a family friendly affair and invite employees to bring their children. There will often be a visit from Santa himself and a gift given to each of the children.

We start off by meeting the party planner to discuss the type of toys the company wishes to present and the age range and gender of the children involved. The client can choose how involved they want to be. If they wish, they can to choose each toy themselves or they can decide to hand that task over to our dedicated team to organise.

We are happy to also provide a gift wrapping service & can address gifts to individual children or label with colour coded stickers that denote the gender/age of the child that the gift is intended for.

We are usually asked to supply toys that the whole family can play with and use together. It’s also very important that we do not to interfere with the “Real Santa” or supply on trend or popular toys that grandparents or aunts and uncles might buy.

For example the Rachael Allen cook set was our best selling girls’ gift last year. This gift is something the whole family can use together. Most companies who use this kind of gift present themselves as family friendly.

We carry a varied selection of children’s toys and are able to cater to the more discerning employer (and parent!). The style of toy we provide is more traditional and family orientated in feel. Most of these toys are educational in nature and need nothing added except a little fun and imagination. They are also quite long lasting and durable. These toys are often overlooked in gift giving but once received you can be sure it won’t be soon forgotten.

“I have used Lonergan Corporate Gifts for years. I find the prices excellent and the quality outstanding, which is evident when you see the children’s faces after visiting Santa. The communication on orders is very good. There is no hanging around and response to any changes that have to be made is all good. I have and would recommended Lonergan Corporate Gifts to my peers.”  Hewlett Packard

Wedding and Baby Gifts:


Whether it is for an employee’s wedding or birth of one of their children, instill a sense of recognition for their personal lives and communicate a message of support and congratulations. These types of gifts can be considered non-cash personal gifts, which are tax exempt. With beautiful hampers from as little as €50 to €100 (+VAT) or Newbridge Silverware Nursery gifts from €15.00 (+VAT), we can make an invaluable gift to your employee as well as being financially viable and budget friendly to your company.

Case Study

AlPhar/UniPhar often buys our baby hampers for happy new arrivals. We design these hampers to suit each baby; we match the contents to the appropriate age and sex of the child. We also often include gifts for the parents. We deliver these hampers around the country and include a special message for the recipients. These hampers are custom designed so they can be adapted to suit any budget.